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Rachel Wixey & Associates was founded on the belief that standing by best practices and prioritizing people will create great results for our work in education. Providing Recruiting and Human Resource services to schools throughout Ohio, we are committed to doing what’s right and doing the right thing for all of those we serve.

Established in May of 2010, Rachel Wixey & Associates has managed consistent growth throughout the state and continues to maintain a 100% client retention rate. We share that to say: our commitment to service is unmatched.

We appreciate your visit to our site and invite you to learn more about our services, opportunities for employment and our internal team serving schools throughout the state. Or, you may reach us direct through our contact page – we’d love to hear from you!



The term “Partnership” is used so frequently in business it has almost become cliché. For Rachel Wixey & Associates, we can assure you it is not an old adage, it’s literal.

In the last 12 months, Rachel Wixey & Associates has been selected as the official Partner for Service, by eight wide ranging Educational Service Centers. With these ESCs, we have formed four unique collaborations, throughout the state; a distinction no other provider can assert.

Leveraging resources and experience, our formal Partnerships deliver regional Substitute Management Services (from teacher staffing to general substitute staffing) to more than 25 of Ohio’s public schools. 

North Coast Shared Services Alliance
Wood County Substitute Network
Mahoning County Regional COG
Center for Collaborative Solutions COG